Use PETEK360 for competitive advantage in the construction and real estate industry.

Your sales team's job is very easy with PETEK360.

PETEK360 offers you the opportunity to present directly and/or remotely to your customers via the tablet with the mobile application specially designed for you and the tablet application designed for your sales team. One of these possibilities is PETEK360.

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Your sales team's job is very easy with PETEK360.
Very easy to use

Your VR360 App is Ready in Two Simple Steps

Your Virtual Sales Office PETEK360
Your Virtual Sales Office PETEK360

What is PETEK360?

We developed Your Virtual Sales Office PETEK360 by taking VR (Virtual Reality) technology, which has been used extensively in the construction and real estate industry, one step further with artificial intelligence support for marketing processes.

Whatever You Have in the Sales Office, It's All in Your Pocket

In addition to sales and marketing materials, it also guides your marketing strategy by giving important clues to the marketing team with detailed reports such as from which geographical region the application is used, which project shows more interest from where.
Your Virtual Sales Office PETEK360

How Does PETEK360 Work?

PETEK360 transforms these photos into VR360 presentations for you, when you upload the photos of the property taken at specified angles and features to the system through the management panel, which is based on our R&D project, Paphos (Boranka Application Framework). .
It also offers the opportunity to examine the distinctive exterior design of the property by integrating the 3D Model design.


Works Integrated with All CRM Programs

It doesn't matter which CRM application you use! When your customer fills out the relevant form for the property they are interested in, this information is sent directly to your CRM software via web service.
What is PETEK360?
Your Mobile Sales Office

Multi-language Support

Your users can view application content in any language.

Your Mobile Sales Office

Mobile Application Support

All the projects and information you enter with the Paphos-based panel are published on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in the mobile application that we specially designed for your company.
The application is also suitable for use on tablet devices. While you can give your customers preliminary information about the project before they come to the sales office with a smart phone, the tablet application that uses live model integration also provides great support to the sales personnel during presentations within the sales office.

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