When dealer management is easy, organizational functioning accelerates and sales are multiplied.
It's that simple..

With PETEKB2B, you can easily manage your dealer sales processes from any environment with an internet connection..

Moreover, your dealers can place their orders whenever they want with your mobile application from anywhere.

When dealer management is easy, organizational functioning accelerates and sales are multiplied.<br> It's that simple..
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Strong B2B

B2B Management Software

With PETEKB2B, your costs for dealer marketing network are significantly reduced. In the international arena, your hand becomes stronger with PETEKB2B's b2b management applications. You interact with your dealers 24/7.

Thanks to the continuous integration feature of your dealers using PETEKB2B, you can have live stock and sales data within the scope of legal permissions. With this feature, you can build your production and stocking strategy more efficiently while increasing your sales.

Thanks to its cloud structure, you can manage your dealer network from anywhere and anytime.

You can send your campaigns and announcements to your dealers instantly with mobile application and e-mail notification at no cost.
B2B Only, Smart B2B Software

B2B Software Features

  • With the support of artificial intelligence, which product, what kind of stock and sales data in which dealer
  • With the artificial intelligence supported B2B software PETEKB2B, you can control the data of which product is sold more in which period of the year, in which region.
  • Dominating the data of which dealer orders which product and how often.
  • Dealer live stock forecast feature based on dealers past orders
  • Your dealers can automatically place orders for products that are out of stock and speed up your sales.
  • With the improved stock and warehouse management module, you can make your product shipments more effective.

It's time to exceed your limits

With PETEKB2B innovation's functionality will be reflected in your sales

Mobile Ordering Application Tailored for You.

Mobile Ordering Application Tailored for You.

Just stop taking orders at the desk. Take orders anytime with PETEKB2B

Eliminate the need for your dealers to use a computer when ordering. We have designed a special mobile application for you so that they can order your wonderful products they need whenever they want from anywhere. With IOS and Android phone support, all your dealers can manage their orders by adding as many users as they want.

Multi-language support makes your export easier.

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Different Pricing with Multiple Reseller Type Feature.

By defining as many dealer types as you want, you can define special pricing and campaigns for each dealer type.

Geographical location, tax practices, current types etc. Due to the diversity, uniform product pricing can put you in trouble. More flexible, more objective and more transparent sales are waiting for you with the price definition specific to the dealer type.

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Different Pricing with Multiple Reseller Type Feature.
PETEKB2B is not a package reseller management application

It is your B2B system developed for you..

Get rid of the classic B2B mentality

Powerful features of PETEKB2B

Campaign Management

With detailed campaign management, you can include the products or product groups you want in the campaign, ensure their validity in the types of dealers you want, and measure your campaign efficiency with flexible reporting..

Mass Notification

You can collectively inform your dealers about product price changes, or you may notify your dealers of your campaigns by sending collective announcements via the backoffice as you wish..

User Type Identification

By adding as many user types as you want, you can specify which modules your team in the organization will access by defining the authorization properties..

Dealer Type Identification

By defining as many dealer types as you want, you can specify type-specific pricing, campaign or payment terms. You can create as many users as you want for each dealer..

Masterpass® Identification

We integrate your site and mobile application with Masterpasss®, the global card storage system.

Multi-Language Support

Your mobile application and dealer portal help you increase your sales by expanding your service area with multi-language support.

ERP and Accounting Integration

It doesn't matter which ERP or accounting program you use. Your integration into all environments with web service support is easily provided.

Flexible Reporting

You can measure your company as you wish with the reports designed specifically for you.

Mobile Application

Not only through the B2B dealer panel, but also with your mobile application specially produced for you, your dealers can place their orders whenever and wherever they want. We remove the limits at the order stage.

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