Easy to use

Designed for all car rental companies

We have designed a fast and reliable car rental software where you can access everything from a single point by seeing the whole summary on the homepage.

  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Instant access to all the information you need.
Designed for all car rental companies
Manage your company from anywhere
Cloud infrastructure

Manage your company from anywhere

With its cloud-based infrastructure, you can manage your car rental company from anywhere with internet.
With Rentosis, a comprehensive car rental software, you can manage all your transactions from a single screen. You can start using cloud-based Rentosis instantly without installation.

  • Unlimited user definitions.
  • Access from computer, tablet and phone.
Rentosis is there for all the operations you expect from car rental software, especially rental and reservation management, detailed vehicle fleet management, contract management and accounting.

All transactions on one screen! And no limit to the number of vehicles.

Fleet Management

You can easily manage all your transactions such as vehicle identification, HGS, traffic fines, insurance, maintenance and inspection.

Reservation Management

Manage your reservations and vehicle availability with vehicle type, pickup and delivery locations, payment method and sales representative information.

Virtual Pos Service

With the marketplace service within Rentosis, you can receive instant payments from your customers securely by entering their card information on the platform..

Unlimited Vehicles

Remove your limits with Rentosis. Add as many vehicles as you want, no additional fees.

Unlimited Branches

You can add as many branches as you wish. You can easily manage your branches.

Call Center

With the Call Center integration, which will be active very soon, see the information of your customers who call you on the screen, record call information automatically and manage your calls easily.

Bank Account Movements

With our Bank Account Movements feature, which will be active very soon, you can easily manage the account movements of all your bank accounts on a single screen with secure integration..

Contract Management

Manage your processes such as vehicle delivery, replacement vehicle, contract archive and invoicing.

Customer Relations

Keep track of opportunities to increase and secure your sales. Make customer visits and notes. Make offers to your customers.

Accounting Management

See the total balance and last transaction dates of your current accounts. Make current account follow-up easily.


With the E-Invoice integration, which will be active very soon, cut an invoice instantly and send it to your customers automatically via e-mail.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Easily track your vehicles' locations and instant data 24/7 with the GPS vehicle tracking system that will be active very soon..

Location Management

You can add the locations you serve without limits and manage them easily.

Unlimited Users

Rentosis has no user limit. You can add as many users as you want.

HGS Integration

Thanks to the HGS integration that will be active very soon, you can list your vehicles pass violations, upload HGS balance and view past records.

SMS Integration

Thanks to the SMS integration that will be active very soon, you can increase your brand value by providing corporate services to your customers, and you can easily make your notifications and promotions.