2022 - BAF (Boranka Application Framework)

It has become of great importance for companies to shorten the software development processes as much as possible without sacrificing quality in order to keep up with the changes by catching the speed of technology in the constantly developing world. As the software development processes take longer, both the cost increases and significant problems begin to be experienced in the company's operability.
In order to eliminate such problems, we set out with the question of how we can shorten the software development processes without sacrificing quality.

We started the necessary R&D studies and developed BAF\ in order to respond quickly to sectoral needs, keep data security at the optimum point, and provide ease of use.
Without slowing down our work, we have made it possible to respond quickly to a different software need of a different sector in every process, and we have made it even more equipped with a new feature at every moment.

Thanks to BAF, the software development process has been shortened by 60%, while it has reached the 24/7 up level thanks to the infrastructure it is hosted. Research and development studies continue to meet every sector and every software need.