Make your growth sustainable with Boranka solutions specially designed for the construction sector, one of the most developed sectors in Turkey..

Increase your revenue with end-to-end sourcing, sales, marketing and management applications.

We know very well the importance of planning for the construction industry. We produce innovative solutions tailored for you.
Make your growth sustainable with <b>Boranka</b> solutions specially designed for the construction sector, one of the most developed sectors in Turkey..
The formula for unlocking your real potential

All Inclusive Our Construction Industry Solutions

Based on our experience, we use the most suitable solutions for you. During the workflow, you will be informed moment by moment by your special customer representative..

You can easily manage all your customers' interaction processes and operational processes with the PETEK CRM program. PETEK CRM program, which has many functions such as the activity processes of sales personnel, corporate memory, planning customer relations and satisfaction measurements, allows you to focus on sales by making your work easier while providing you with complete control of the process.

With PETEKB2B, you can easily manage your dealer sales processes from any environment with an internet connection. Moreover, your dealers can place their orders whenever they want with your mobile application from anywhere.

To develop web-based modern applications produced by BAF, Boranka Teknoloji; It is a fast, secure and complete infrastructure. Thanks to Paphos, the coding process is shortened by 60% and the software you need is put into service in a very short time.

Your Virtual Sales Office PETEK360
Your Virtual Sales Office PETEK360

What is PETEK360?

We developed Your Virtual Sales Office PETEK360 by taking VR (Virtual Reality) technology, which has been used extensively in the construction and real estate industry, one step further with artificial intelligence support for marketing processes.

Whatever You Have in the Sales Office, It's All in Your Pocket

In addition to sales and marketing materials, it also guides your marketing strategy by giving important clues to the marketing team with detailed reports such as from which geographical region the application is used, which project shows more interest from where.

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Software Solutions

Software Solutions

We are at your side with our in-house software solutions as well as B2B and B2C solutions. CRM, ERP, CMS and all the applications you need...

Team Support Solutions

Team Support Solutions

Minimize your personnel expenses and improve your technology. Improve your business while we design your software, server infrastructure and processes.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Accelerate your processes, reduce your costs and increase your service quality by mobilizing your company..

DevOps Consulting Service

DevOps Consulting Service

We adapt your applications to the modern world.

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