Do you want to increase sales?

PETEKCRM is here to make your sales team's work easier.

You can easily manage all your customers' interaction processes and operational processes with the PETEK CRM program. PETEK CRM program, which has many functions such as sales personnel's activity processes, corporate memory, customer relations planning and satisfaction measurements, allows you to focus on sales by making your work easier while providing you with complete control of the process..
PETEKCRM is here to make your sales team's work easier.
Complete control of the sales process
Complete control of the sales process

Every step is under your control

See which personnel are dealing with which sales, the current status of the process, and the next steps. See details, update action step with drag and drop
Know your goals and location

Sales targets and success chart at hand

You can set goals by setting separate time based on company, department or vendor. On the same screen you see who is close to the target.
Sales targets and success chart at hand
Get rid of the classic CRM mentality

Powerful features of PETEKCRM

Candidate, Potential and Customer Management

You can access customer information and easily create a new customer record.

Sales Automation

As your sales increase, automate your processes with tools that make it easier to manage.

Quote Management

You can create multiple offer templates, quickly submit your offer and invoice.

Marketing Automation

You can manage all your marketing channels in detail and collect your candidates easily.

Process and Project Management

You can view and easily manage all your process steps from a single screen.

Multi-Language Support

Thanks to multi-language support, you can expand your service area, employ sales staff in different geographies and help you increase your sales

Interview and Meeting Management

Record all your conversations and stay in touch with your prospective and existing customers at all times.

Task Management

You can easily manage your job tracking with flexible, clear and fast task assignment.

Performance Management

Manage defined goals and measure performance with ease.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

You can analyze your sales and finance status at any time and quickly by creating reports as you wish.

Order Management

Turn your sales into orders with a single gesture, speed up your processes.

Stock Management

Easily manage your products, materials, services and stocks.

Basic Finance and Pre-Accounting

You can handle both your sales and basic pre-accounting with a single application.

Periodic Sales Management

Easily recur your subscription or regular sales transactions.

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