Not Just an E-Commerce Site!

All Inclusive E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce Software

Fully customized e-commerce infrastructure.

E-Commerce Mobile Application

Fast and convenient
e-commerce mobile application designed for your structure and needs.

E-Commerce CRM

You can easily measure your performance while tracking your orders in detail.

E-Commerce Integration

You can easily integrate your e-commerce site into all marketplaces and all accounting software.

E-Commerce in Turkey in Numbers

How 2022 went in the ever-growing e-commerce sector?



E Commerce Site

Number of e-commerce sites other than those that sell only through social media


+ milyar ₺

Trade Volume

In the statement made by the Ministry of Trade, e-commerce volume increased by 69% in 2022

You focus on results

Services we offer for E-Commerce Sector

Software development

As B2B, B2C and C2C, we offer theme design, complete software development, web api development and mobile application development services for you in all categories.

Marketplace Integration

Integrated development of the software you use in all marketplaces. This development is only for you.

Seo Analysis and Software Editing

We make software arrangements on the keywords to be determined by performing seo analysis on your site.

Payment System Integration

We integrate your infrastructure with all payment systems.

Masterpass® Integration

We integrate your site and mobile application with Masterpasss®, the global card storage system.

Cargo Integration

We integrate your system with all cargo companies that provide API support.

User Experience Optimization

We make the necessary analysis and improvements to provide the most appropriate experience for your users on your website and / or mobile application.

DevOps Engineering

We design your development and testing processes so that your applications can work more efficiently and provide a more effective
experience to your customers.

IT Management Service

You have your own software;
but if you don't have a software team, don't worry. As your software department, we fulfill all your software needs with annual contracts.

Creative solutions, surprising results

With an unconventional approach, we offer all your software technology requirements in the fastest way at the most affordable price.

Software Solutions

Software Solutions

We are at your side with our in-house software solutions as well as B2B and B2C solutions. CRM, ERP, CMS and all the applications you need...

Team Support Solutions

Team Support Solutions

Minimize your personnel expenses and improve your technology. Improve your business while we design your software, server infrastructure and processes.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Accelerate your processes, reduce your costs and increase your service quality by mobilizing your company..

DevOps Consulting Service

DevOps Consulting Service

We adapt your applications to the modern world.

Think independently from traditional methods, make a plan.
Know that every question has an answer and a solution.

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